Letter Desk

Create an Organic Grassroots Effort










Mobilize a large group of constituents to voice their opinion about a specific issue. A well timed and informed letter writing campaign can have significant influence on political decisions. Leverage our political communication expertise.



How It Works


Identify your supporters

Our creative data experts will help you target the best potential supporters

Craft Letters

Our communications team will craft constituent letters based on responses from calls

Edit Letters

Each letter goes through two rounds of editing for quality assurance

Internally Print and Track Letters

Our mail team will print and track the letters that are sent

Follow Up for Fulfillment

A week after our letters are sent, we will follow up with each individual for fulfillment






Townhall Connect

Engage with thousands of participants over the phone

Data Analytics

Maximize your Insights


Patch Calls

Educate and Connect constituents to their legislators

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